OUR Goals



  1. To foster the development of a healthy self-image this will assist the child to regard themselves as children of God, good friends of classmates, good learners and eager participants.

  2. To ensure that each child in our care feels safe, secure and loved.

  3. To develop an enthusiasm for learning based of their own personal satisfaction and involvement.

  4. To provide opportunities to enable children to build fundamental skills and acquire new information and knowledge.

  5. To provide opportunities to enable children to be expressive and creative through the use of language, physical activity, play materials, art and music.

  6. To ensure that parents and teachers work together in the interests of the individual child.

  7. To prepare them for their next grade and all of the learning development to come.

As early childhood educators we hope to:



  • Serve as an environment which is Christ centered and based on gospel values

  • Lead the children to a deep respect for leadership

  • Provide a learning environment, which encourages children to participate in concrete activities through active learning experiences and based on their interest & curiosity

  • Create a learning environment which is welcoming, safe, fun and wisely structured.

  • Plan meaningful learning experiences which are based on our observation of individual children's learning

  • Be happy, smile a lot and celebrate all learning experiences (no matter how big or small)

  • Provide an environment where the children are able to learn to think responsibly

  • Support parents

LIFE at Preschool


At Happy Hearts Preschool, the staff sees themselves as partners with parents in the education of the child. Therefore, at Happy Hearts we want to be a team working together so that your child can acquire an excellent Christian education and be one step closer to being the perfect servant that God wants him or her to be. The daycare programs are planned to minister to each child's interests and needs and to foster the development of certain abilities, attitudes and skills which will assist the child's educational development. At Preschool, the most natural way for a child of his age is to learn through play, by observation and by doing things themselves. This learning will be flexible in order to cater for the interests, needs and abilities of the children. 

Many people still remain unsure as to just what Preschool is all about. Preschool is about the development of important skills - those which are needed in everyday living, in relationship with other people, and in being ready for school. We strive to have each child working to his or her full potential, in all areas, and to have them feel good about themselves, and the prospect of school.